Counselling, Mentoring, Leadership and Consultancy

Improvement Counselling
Personal counselling for professionals and Leaders who must change or experience road blocks in their work. Follow Leadership vlogs on
  • Certified coach/counsellor (-> 2008)
  • 45+ Carriere Advies (uitvoering regeling Ministerie van Sociale zaken)
Names are disclosed
Career & Job Counselling
Counseling that helps you in discovering your dream and how to reach this dream.
It starts with your with your competences and likings, looks into your dreams and define how you can make your dream a reality.
  • Vrije Universiteit Alumni
  • Everwise
  • CarriereCoachcafe
  • RVO (Rijksdienst Voor ondernemend Nederland)
  • Ministerie van Sociale Zaken
  • MyTechLogy
  • GetBert

Business Mentor & Consulting
In a changing world your business needs to innovate, change en grow. Business Menrtoring is about how you can adjust your company to these changes.

Business mentoring can be so much as hands on help in reviewing your strategical plans and tactics and operations, even consulting if needed.

Sometimes is on a personal level, sometimes is all about your company.

Focus is on growing. Adjusting your business in exporting your services, making deals on reselling, partnerships, setting up local departments, sourcing, cloud and more.

Working as an SMB or local business with a corporate can be tricky. With some help things can be more successful without loosing you identity of agility.

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References (2012->):
  • Meeuws Insurance: Coach COO Digitizing strategy field operations.
  • Risko Financial Analyse Software: Mentor CEO Management New market and productportfolio.
  • CCS Insurance Software: Consultant Product Development Live Insurance solutions.
  • Knowledge Value: Mentor CEO Service Portfolio & Markets development multi-national Accounts.
  • Tadas: Mentor CEO Sales of Business to re-insurers.
  • CED The Value Specialist: Consultant COO Digitizing field operations Mobility.
  • Synoverge India: Coach CEO market introduction program Europe.
  • Swiss-Re Coach CEO NL Closed Book in Europe
  • Mphasis: Coach Product. development India for Digitizing Solutions Europe.
  • Igate: Consultant BPO Mortgages Europe.
  • Anoto Digital Pen: Coach CEO market research.
  • Prudential Schotland: COO Mentor Mobile Digitizing.
  • Zurich Birmingham: Mentor COO Mobile Digitizing.
  • ITDS Naarden: Coach CEO's outsourcing services for Europe.
  • Unive Medemblik: Consultant Digitizing field operations.
  • Engage Process Management Software: Coach CEO European roll-out.
  • Offermans-Joosten: Consultant Insurance Belgium.
  • Offermans-Joosten: Consultant mobile Digitizing.
  • Logicalis: Coaching CEO & COO Busines growth and multinational accounts.
  • Finnolux Luxemburg: Mentor CEO Innovations Europe and Canada.
  • Finnolux: Consultant Mobile solutions strategy.
  • MyTechLogy Singapore: Improvement coach and Business Coach SE-Asia.
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  • Gender neutrale kinderkleding Claude&Co
  • Pitch learning Standup performance
  • Medicooler
  • Emancipatie Marokkaanse gemeenschappen
  • Inertnationale Airfreight Consultancy
  • Multiple Brexit projects (companies are disclosed)

Though my network there is always a best fit on your needs.